Sharing Search Indexes

If you’re using Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Advanced Search engine, you can share search indexes on the network so every workstation searches off of the same index. This has the added bonus of reducing network traffic because only one machine maintains the index for all of the other machines.

What Indexes Can Be Shared?

Normally you would only share an index for network cabinets. Local cabinets should have a local index.

Basic Setup

First you should decide where to put your shared network search index. It should be a machine with good processor overhead and plenty of drive capacity. It does not have to be the same machine where the cabinets reside.

Next you need to point each machine to the index path you decided on in the last step. To do this:

  1. Go to Enterprise Organizer Pro’s Settings
  2. Select the Indexing option on the left
  3. Change the Root Path for Network Search Indexes to the desired path
  4. Click Apply and OK

Establish an Owner

When you share an index, one machine is the index owner and handles all of the indexing. Only the index owner can update the index. The rest of the machines just read the index for searching. By default, the first machine to index the cabinet will become the owner. You can designate an owner by following these steps:

  1. Go to the machine you want to establish as the index owner
  2. Open Enterprise Organizer Pro
  3. In the Manage view, click the Cabinets button
  4. Select the cabinet you want this machine to index
  5. Click the Edit button
  6. Go to the Index tab and click Become Owner
  7. Select Auto Index Cabinet if it isn’t already selected
  8. Optionally click Delete Index if you want to start the index over from scratch
  9. Click OK

You’ll also want to make sure that the auto-indexer is activated on this machine. See Activate Auto-Indexing for instructions.

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