Scan Settings

Manage your default scanning settings and your scanning profiles from the Settings button > Scan.

Scanning Profiles

Your scanning profiles are listed at the top of the scanning settings. Here you can add, delete, and edit profiles. For details on setting up and using profiles, see Scanning Profiles.

The scanning options are described in Scanning Options.

Default Profile

One profile will be your default profile. Unless you specify a different profile when you scan, Enterprise Organizer Pro uses this one. Pick the profile you want to use as your default.

Scan Mode & Transfer Type

There are a few Scan Modes and Transfer Types available. These are different ways of communicating with your scanner. If you’re having problems with your scans, you can adjust these settings (see Scanning Problems for directions). Note that these settings are also available when you scan.

Blank Page Sensitivity

One of the scanning options is to automatically drop blank pages from the scan. To identify a blank page, Enterprise Organizer Pro looks at how much of the page is white. If it’s almost completely white, Enterprise Organizer Pro will consider it blank and drop it from the scan. To adjust the sensitivity, use the Omit Blank Page Sensitivity option.

At one end of the scale, only completely blank pages will be dropped (no black at all). At the other end of the scale, even pages with some black markings will be dropped. To find the setting that’s best for you, print a page that has the most markings you want to tolerate. Start with the scale in the middle. Then run scans and adjust the slider either left of right until you find the point where the page isn’t dropped any more.

NOTE: This setting only applies when you have the Omit Blank Pages option turned on. See Scanning Options for more information.

Scan Full Document before Loading

By default, Enterprise Organizer Pro brings in scans one page at a time. This has two advantages: first, you can watch the pages come in to see if there are any problems, and second, if there’s a paper jam you can easily pick up where you left off. On the downside, scanning is marginally slower.

To speed up scanning, you can select Scan Full Document before Loading. Enterprise Organizer Pro will perform the entire scan before trying to load the document. You won’t, however, see the pages come in as they’re scanned, and if there’s a paper jam, you’ll have to start the scan over.

Skip ScanSnap Rename Dialog

When you scan with a ScanSnap scanner, Enterprise Organizer Pro will normally show a Raname dialog after each scan so you can give the scan a useful name. If you don’t want to rename new scans, select Skip ScanSnap Rename Dialog.

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