Using an Inbox

In file-intensive offices, a lot of the daily work can revolve around sorting incoming files. These files might come from a network scanner, a fax server, or any number of different programs. Enterprise Organizer Pro provides a tool to help you gather inbound files and organize them into your cabinets: the Inbox.

What is an Inbox

An Inbox is a regular Enterprise Organizer Pro cabinet with a special layout. When you select the inbox layout, you get a split view which displays your inbound files on top and your cabinets below. This makes it easy to sort inbound files into your other cabinets.

The inbox itself is a regular Windows folder which Enterprise Organizer Pro captures and displays. You can choose any folder you want – local or network – to be your inbox.

Set Up the Inbox

Setting up your inbox is simple:

  1. Decide on a folder to serve as your inbox; the folder can be on any drive
  2. Go to the Cabinets dialog and click Add
  3. Give the inbox a name
  4. Select Standard as the cabinet Type
  5. Assign its path to the folder you selected
  6. Select Use as Inbox under the layout options
  7. Click OK
  8. For any scanners, fax servers, or other equipment/programs which produce files that have to be organized, set them up to save their files to your inbox folder

You can create as many inboxes as you need. For more information, see Add A Cabinet for more information.

Using the Inbox

To use your inbox, just click its tab. Enterprise Organizer Pro will switch into inbox mode: the top half will show your inbox folder and the bottom half will show your cabinets. Use the Move/Copy buttons or the Drop Name feature to move files down into your cabinets and rename them at the same time (if you want to). See Drop Renaming to learn more.

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