Sharing Basics

Enterprise Organizer Pro has an easy tool for sharing cabinets, folder templates, naming options, and other settings between users. System administrators can also use this tool to disable Enterprise Organizer Pro features on users’ machines.

Quick Overview

Settings are shared through a folder somewhere on your network. We refer to this as the Shared Settings Folder. It can be any folder, as long as all of your computers have access to it. This folder holds the pool of shared items, and all computers draw from this pool. When one user shares an item, like a folder template, the template’s layout gets saved to the pool. The other computers then pick up the new template automatically. For more information, see Sharing Basics.

What Can Be Shared?

Currently you can share cabinets, cabinet settings, folder templates, naming options, scan profiles, and favorites. You can also share a product key, search indexes, separators, and certain other settings. It’s also possible to disable certain Enterprise Organizer Pro features through a shared policy.


You’ll need a folder on the network where shared settings can be stored. Everyone needs to have access to this folder. Users who are allowed to share items should be able to write to the folder. Everyone else just needs to be able to read it.

To share cabinets, the cabinets will need to be on a network drive that everyone has access to. If you need to move your cabinets.

Getting Started

It is very easy to set up and use shared settings. See Begin Sharing for step-by-step instructions.

Administering the Shared Settings

Enterprise Organizer Pro includes an administrative tool to help you administer the shared settings. This tool also allows administrators to disable specific Enterprise Organizer Pro features on their users’ machines. You can access it from the Tools button > Administer Shared Settings. For help using the tool, see Administer Shared Settings.

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